Calgary Stampede Celebrates 10th Annual Pride Day

Jul 12, 2023

On Saturday, July 8, over 2,000 queer people dressed up in their favorite jeans and cowboy hat and let out a spirited “Yahoo!” for Pride Day at the Calgary Stampede. The Calgary Stampede, which spans ten days in July, is a grand celebration of the city’s rich western heritage and has rightfully earned the title of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. 

Amusement rides at the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

Drawing in a staggering number of visitors from around the world, the Calgary Stampede offers an unparalleled experience filled with legendary entertainment, captivating displays of western arts and culture, heart-stopping rodeo events, and an array of thrilling rides that will leave you breathless.

Chuckwagon races at the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

As you wander through the bustling Calgary Stampede grounds, be sure to indulge in the delectable delights that await you. Among the culinary highlights, more than 2 million irresistible mini donuts are devoured each year, tantalizing taste buds and providing a true Stampede tradition that simply cannot be missed. 

Thousands of people walking through the midway at the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

And as you revel in the festivities, take a moment to appreciate the heart and soul of the Calgary Stampede—the unwavering dedication of over 2,500 volunteers who pour their time, energy, and love into making this grand event a resounding success. 

People line up to enter the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

This remarkable group encompasses not only the present generation but also includes the proud participation of kids, parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents of these dedicated volunteers.

Thousands of people walking through the midway at the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

With its rich history dating back to 1912, the Calgary Stampede proudly celebrates its 111th anniversary this year. For over a century, this extraordinary event has embodied the spirit of the city, captivating the hearts and imaginations of all who attend. 

First Nations dancers and singers perform at the 2023 Calgary Stampede rodeo.

From the lively performances to the free-spirited breakfasts, the Calgary Stampede promises a delightful fusion of tradition, community, and unparalleled entertainment that will leave a lasting impression on all who partake in its festivities. Millions have made the Calgary Stampede a cherished annual tradition.

The people mover gondola at the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

Gear up for the Calgary Stampede at Lammle’s Western Wear 

For decades, Lammle’s Western Wear has been a trusted provider of essential items for embracing the rustic allure of rural or urban western life. Since its establishment in 1983, Lammle’s has been dedicated to offering a wide range of quality products, including cowboy boots, jeans, horse tack, and everything you need to embody the western lifestyle. 

Crowds line up to buy outfits and accessories atLammle's Western Wear in downtown Calgary during the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

As a company founded in Calgary, AB, Lammle’s takes great pride in being associated with a city that wholeheartedly embraces the western way of life and exemplifies hardworking and down-to-earth values. Notably, Lammle’s holds the esteemed distinction of being the Official Western Wear Supplier of the Calgary Stampede, a testament to its commitment to providing authentic and stylish western apparel.

A guy wearing tight jeans with a blue handkerchief hanging out of his back, right pocket.

When curating your western-inspired ensemble, Lammle’s has you covered with a selection of must-have items. Consider acquiring a couple of long-sleeved plaid shirts with convenient snap-up closures, a classic western belt to complete your look, comfortable bootcut jeans that exude rugged charm, and a stylish pair of cowboy boots to add a touch of authenticity. 

A group of gay men attending the 10th annual Pride Day at the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

Feel free to personalize your outfit by rolling up the shirt sleeves for a casual flair or go all out by confidently cutting the sleeves off at the shoulder seam. With Lammle’s extensive range of high-quality western wear, you can effortlessly craft a distinctive and fashionable ensemble that reflects your unique style.

A gay couple wearing cowboy hats kiss at the 2023 Calgary Stampede 10th Annual Pride Day.

Shop online for your Calgary Stampede outfit from Lammle’s Western Wear.

Get in The Spirit by Getting and Wearing a Traditional Calgary White Hat 

The iconic Calgary White Hat holds significant meaning as a white felt cowboy hat, symbolizing not only the renowned Calgary Stampede annual rodeo but also the vibrant city of Calgary itself. This distinctive headpiece, first conceptualized by Morris Shumiatcher, the esteemed owner of Smithbilt Hat Company, made its inaugural appearance at the 1946 Stampede. Recognizing its symbolic value, Mayor Donald Hugh Mackay initiated a tradition in the early 1950s of presenting the white hat to esteemed dignitaries visiting Calgary—a practice that endures to this very day, upheld by the mayor’s office.

Two gay men wearing traditional white cowboy hats at the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

Beyond its ceremonial role, the Calgary White Hat has become an integral part of the city’s identity. Engaging in the spirit of inclusivity, thousands of tourists and groups eagerly participate in “white hatting ceremonies” organized by Tourism Calgary and dedicated volunteer greeters at the bustling Calgary International Airport. This cherished tradition fosters a warm welcome and an immediate connection to the city’s rich cultural fabric. The enduring significance of the Calgary White Hat was further exemplified in 1983 when it was incorporated into the design of Calgary’s flag, solidifying its status as an enduring symbol of civic pride.

A large crowd at the 10th annual Pride Day at the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

When preparing for the Calgary Stampede, the Calgary White Hat stands as an essential component of your outfit, embodying the spirit of this grand event. To acquire your very own Calgary White Hat, Lammle’s Western Wear is your trusted destination. Their extensive selection ensures that you can obtain this iconic headpiece, allowing you to fully embrace the Stampede experience and proudly display your connection to the vibrant city of Calgary.

July 8 Pride Day at Gay Calgary Stampede 

Ten years ago, a grassroots community event was launched by Charles MacMichael, and since then, it has grown exponentially year after year, attracting an impressive attendance of over 2,000 individuals in 2022. This vibrant gathering celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and the LGBTQ2+ community, and it is known as Pride Day at Nashville North during the Calgary Stampede. 

People selecting LGBTQ name tags at the 10th annual Pride Day at the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

As the event gears up for Pride Day 2023, attendees can look forward to an array of exciting features that have become synonymous with the celebration, including cheeky name tags, CS rainbow boot stickers, and captivating drag performances that never fail to entertain. 

Karla Marx receives the Western Trailblazers Award at the 10th annual Pride Day at the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

Moreover, this special day will also be dedicated to honoring the recipient of the prestigious Western Trailblazer Award, now in its 5th year. This esteemed accolade serves to recognize and celebrate individuals who have made significant contributions in making opportunities more accessible for the LGBTQ2+ community.

A drag queen performing on stage at the 10th annual Pride Day at the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

On Saturday, July 8, Pride Day at Nashville North during the Calgary Stampede showcased a dynamic lineup of activities and performances. The event kicked off with a lively start, featuring interactive experiences such as name tags for attendees, a step and repeat selfie wall, and a BMO pride photo booth, providing plenty of opportunities for participants to capture cherished memories. 

Transgender friends attending Pride Day at the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

The entertainment continued with captivating drag performances by the talented artists Carly York Jones, Marvelous Mo, and a surprise act, offering a dazzling display of talent and creativity. The highlight of the day was the presentation of the Western Trailblazer Award, recognizing the remarkable achievements of the winner, who in 2023 was the sensational Karla Marx, Calgary’s most daring transgender drag queen. 

A singer forming on stage at Pride Day during the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

The celebration further amplified the festive spirit with a performance by the Dani Strong Band, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. Additionally, participants had the chance to join in the excitement of line dancing led by the energetic Sean Buckley, further enhancing the festive atmosphere.

Sunday, July 16 Drag Brunch at Nashville North and the Gay Calgary Stampede 

Prepare to sashay down the midway in style as the highly anticipated second annual Calgary Stampede drag brunch takes center stage at Nashville North. This event promises an eleganza extravaganza, seamlessly blending the excitement of the Stampede with the fabulous world of drag. 

A large group of gay men at Nashville North during Pride Day at the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

Hosted by the charismatic local queen, Karla Marx, and headlined by the renowned Drag Superstar Scarlett Bobo, attendees will be treated to a dazzling showcase of talent. Additional performances by the legendary Miss Fiercalicious, Toddy, Ella Lamoureux, Smoky Waters, ChiChi, Gerardo, Matthew Bagshaw & Lorynne Machado, and the mesmerizing illFX Entertainment – Athena will ensure an unforgettable experience for all.

A drag performer wearing cow-print pants performing at Pride Day during the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

Tickets for this extraordinary event are priced at $75 and offer an array of exciting inclusions. Not only will attendees gain admission to Stampede Park on July 16, providing access to all the thrilling festivities, but they will also enjoy a gourmet brunch buffet, ensuring a delectable dining experience. 

A group of gay friends at Pride Day in Nashville North during the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

To further enhance the enjoyment, guaranteed seating will be provided, ensuring optimal views of the spectacular two-hour drag performance. As a special treat, attendees can also participate in the Best Caesar in Town competition, presented by Mott’s Clamato Caesar, where the finest concoctions will be showcased and celebrated. Moreover, guests will have the chance to win exclusive prizes, adding an extra layer of excitement to this fabulous affair.

Get your tickets now for Drag Brunch at the Calgary Stampede.

Attend the Evening Grandstand Show at the Calgary Stampede 

As the sun begins to set at the Calgary Stampede, anticipation builds for the incredible evening grandstand show that awaits attendees. Each night, this show delivers an unforgettable experience, combining a series of thrilling rodeo races and events with a grand finale that encompasses exhilarating entertainment and captivating music. Brace yourself for an evening filled with heart-pounding action and mesmerizing performances.

Chuckwagon races during the evening grandstand show at the Calgary Stampede.

At the evening grandstand show, you can expect a diverse range of themed rodeo races and events, ensuring that every night offers a unique and captivating experience. From the adrenaline-fueled excitement of barrel racing to the awe-inspiring displays of horsemanship in the team roping competition, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Witness fearless cowboys and cowgirls showcase their skills and push the boundaries of their craft, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats.

First Nations dancers performing during the grandstand show at the Calgary Stampede.

As the night progresses, the grandstand show takes center stage, delivering a thrilling spectacle that will leave you breathless. Prepare to be enthralled by a dazzling array of entertainment acts, featuring captivating performances that showcase a variety of talents. From acrobatics and high-flying stunts to mesmerizing dance routines and live music, the grandstand show promises to be a feast for the senses. Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere as the performers bring their skills and passion to the forefront, creating a memorable experience for all in attendance.

Chuckwagon races during the evening grandstand show at the Calgary Stampede.

Cowboys Rangeland Derby

In 2023, a remarkable milestone will be celebrated as the iconic Chuckwagon Races at the Cowboys Rangeland Derby reach a century of thrilling competition. It all began in 1923 when the Calgary Stampede hosted the world’s first-ever Chuckwagon Race, setting the stage for an event that would become synonymous with the spirit of the wild west. Paying homage to the traditions of yesteryear, this exhilarating race was inspired by the time-honored practice of cowboys breaking camp and racing back to their homes.

Chuckwagon races during the evening grandstand show at the Calgary Stampede.

As 2023 marks the 100th anniversary of this storied event, the Cowboys Rangeland Derby at the Calgary Stampede promises to be an unforgettable celebration. Steeped in history and imbued with the essence of the wild west, this race brings together talented and fearless cowboys who compete with fervor and determination. The thundering hooves, the rumble of wagons, and the adrenaline-fueled pursuit of victory combine to create a spectacle that captivates both competitors and spectators alike.

Chuckwagon races during the evening grandstand show at the Calgary Stampede.

Through the decades, the Chuckwagon Races at the Cowboys Rangeland Derby have become an integral part of the Calgary Stampede’s identity. It is a testament to the enduring allure of the wild west and a reminder of the rugged and tenacious spirit of the pioneers who shaped the region. As the horses’ thunder across the track, racing toward the finish line, the echoes of history resound, showcasing the legacy of this iconic event.

Chuckwagon races during the evening grandstand show at the Calgary Stampede.

Relay Races

At the Calgary Stampede, the pinnacle of horsemanship skills takes center stage as the very best Indigenous racing teams from across North America gather for a high-octane competition that exemplifies teamwork and precision. This adrenaline-fueled event showcases the remarkable talent and dedication of these teams, highlighting the deep connection between horse and rider. In 2023, ten teams will converge to display their awe-inspiring skills, captivating audiences with their display of horsemanship.

Bareback horse racing at the 2023 Calgary Stampede grandstand show.

Mounted bareback, these skilled riders race around the track at exhilarating speeds, showcasing their agility and control as they navigate every twist and turn. In a display of incredible athleticism, the riders demonstrate their mastery by leaping off their horses to swiftly swap to a fresh mount, propelling themselves into another lap of the race. This seamless exchange requires not only individual skill but also a cohesive team effort, as each member plays a crucial role in ensuring a successful transition.

Bareback horse racing at the 2023 Calgary Stampede grandstand show.

Adding to the excitement of the 2023 Calgary Stampede, history will be made as the event includes an extraordinary women’s bareback race. This ground-breaking addition marks a significant milestone, highlighting the talent and dedication of female riders in this exhilarating sport. It is a moment that celebrates inclusivity, showcasing the remarkable abilities of women in the world of bareback racing.

Bareback horse racing at the 2023 Calgary Stampede grandstand show.

As the thunder of hooves reverberates through the arena and the competitors push the limits of their abilities, spectators will be immersed in the electrifying atmosphere of this prestigious event. The Indigenous racing teams at the Calgary Stampede serve as a powerful testament to the rich cultural heritage and traditions deeply intertwined with horsemanship. This captivating competition not only entertains but also pays homage to the remarkable legacy of Indigenous horsemanship and its enduring place within the Calgary Stampede.

Bareback horse racing at the 2023 Calgary Stampede grandstand show.

Grandstand Show

As the sun begins its descent, the stage is set for a truly mesmerizing spectacle at the Calgary Stampede’s Grandstand Show. Prepare to be captivated by an evening filled with music, spectacular stunts, and jaw-dropping pyrotechnics that will leave audiences in awe. This grand production is a culmination of elaborate song, dance, and live music performances, designed to dazzle and entertain.

Entertainers performing at the evening grandstand show during the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

The Grandstand Show promises to be an unforgettable experience, featuring a lineup of extraordinary talent. Leading the opening night entertainment was the acclaimed performer Johnny Reid, whose dynamic presence and captivating vocals commanded the stage, leaving the audience spellbound. Joining him was the Tony-nominated Broadway star Forrest McClendon, renowned for his powerful acting prowess and exceptional vocal range, adding a touch of theatrical magic to the performance. 

Entertainers performing at the evening grandstand show during the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

On opening night, the crowd was astounded by the thrilling performance of a slackwire artist, defying gravity and displaying incredible balance and agility. And to further elevate the visual spectacle, the costumes featured in the show are crafted with innovative designs that incorporate the mesmerizing element of water.

Entertainers performing at the evening grandstand show during the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

Each evening of the Calgary Stampede, the grandstand show unfolds, music fills the air, performers showcase their talents, and the stage comes alive with a vibrant energy. The seamless fusion of diverse artistic disciplines creates a sensory feast, enchanting audiences and transporting them into a world of wonder and excitement. Against the backdrop of a setting sun, the evening sky becomes a canvas for spectacular pyrotechnics, illuminating the night with bursts of color and light, adding an extra layer of magic to the experience.

Entertainers performing at the evening grandstand show during the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

Prepare to be swept away by the mesmerizing performances and breathtaking visuals as the Grandstand Show at the Calgary Stampede takes center stage. This extraordinary production always promises to be an evening of unforgettable entertainment. Embrace the wonder and immerse yourself in the magical ambiance as the stage and sky comes alive with music, stunts, drones, and pyrotechnics, leaving you with cherished memories of this extraordinary event.

Entertainers performing at the evening grandstand show during the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

Attend a Traditional Pancake Breakfast 

In 1923, the Calgary Stampede witnessed the birth of a beloved tradition—the pancake breakfast. Held in downtown Calgary, the inaugural breakfast was orchestrated by Albertan rancher Jack Morton, fondly known as Wildhorse Jack. From the back of his chuckwagon, Jack Morton skillfully cooked and served the first batch of pancakes off a camp stove. Little did he know that he was laying the foundation for a tradition that would endure for a century.

The traditional community pancake breakfast during the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

Jack Morton understood that the Stampede encompassed more than just heroes and horses; it was about honoring heritage and fostering community spirit. Inspired by this vision, he kickstarted a tradition that thousands of dedicated volunteers have proudly carried on, flipping millions of pancakes over the years.

The traditional community pancake breakfast during the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

In 2023, the Calgary Stampede joyously celebrates a century since that inaugural flapjack flip, marking the tradition of pancake breakfasts as an iconic symbol of western hospitality and community camaraderie. The magnitude of this milestone is mirrored in the staggering estimation of over 100,000 pancakes served annually by the Calgary Stampede team on Stampede Park and within the community. The spirit of the Stampede permeates throughout the city, as free pancake breakfasts can be found in the parking lots of community centers, hotels, shopping malls, and numerous other locations, uniting residents, and visitors alike.

The traditional community pancake breakfast during the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

A focal point of the pancake breakfast festivities is the transformation of Olympic Plaza into Fluor Rope Square. Here, the tantalizing aroma of freshly cooked flapjacks wafts through the air as authentic GMC Rangeland Derby Chuckwagons serve up sizzling hot pancakes. For the duration of the 10-day Stampede, attendees are treated to the delectable combination of free bacon pancakes and Stampede-style entertainment. From energetic marching bands and captivating dancers to soulful singers, talented fiddlers, and friendly mascots, there is a medley of entertainment to enchant visitors of all ages.

The traditional community pancake breakfast during the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

With each pancake flipped, the Calgary Stampede honors its rich history and extends a warm invitation to all to partake in the festivities. This cherished tradition not only fills bellies with delicious pancakes but also nourishes the sense of togetherness and community spirit that lies at the heart of the Stampede.

Calgary Stampede Food Crawl

Indulging in the culinary delights of the Calgary Stampede is a must for any food enthusiast. Cravings for classic fair fare like corndogs, cotton candy, and bags of mini donuts are easily satisfied as you stroll through the Midway, savoring the beloved flavors that have become synonymous with the Stampede experience. And what better way to wash it all down than with a refreshing glass of freshly squeezed lemonade, perfectly complementing the tantalizing treats.

Unique food and drinks served throughout the midway at the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

For the more daring and adventurous foodies, the Calgary Stampede introduces a fresh lineup of Midway foods each year, pushing the boundaries of culinary creativity. These innovative and bold twists on traditional Stampede staples are guaranteed to ignite your taste buds and leave you craving for more. Whether you’re brave enough to dive into an elkaroni pizza or simply derive enjoyment from witnessing others embark on these culinary adventures, the new Midway foods are always a highlight.

Unique food and drinks served throughout the midway at the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

The 2023 midway food lineup delivered a myriad of extraordinary flavors and unique combinations. Brace yourself for a taste sensation with standout items such as ketchup and mustard ice cream, an unexpected blend that melds sweet and savory in a tantalizing frozen treat. For those seeking a harmonious collision of contrasting flavors, the peanut butter pickle dog awaits, offering a combination that is simultaneously indulgent and tangy. 

Unique food and drinks served throughout the midway at the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

Street corn lemonade provides a refreshing twist on a beloved summer snack, blending the flavors of sweet corn and tangy lemon into a delightful beverage. And if you’re in the mood for a spicy kick, the flamin’ hot popcorn chicken poutine combines the heat of fiery spices with the comforting flavors of popcorn chicken and cheese curds, resulting in a mouthwatering and unforgettable culinary experience.

Unique food and drinks served throughout the midway at the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

Arepas Ranch food truck took home the award for the best new food, serving up a traditional Venezuelan handheld. The catira picosa is filled with marinaded, shredded chicken, cheese, avocado, and hot sauce. It’s a must have at the 2023 Calgary Stampede. 

Unique food and drinks served throughout the midway at the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

Be prepared to tantalize your taste buds with a plethora of flavors that showcase the creativity and ingenuity of the event. Whether you choose to stick to the beloved classics or venture into the realm of the new midway foods, the Calgary Stampede promises to delight and surprise your palate, leaving you with memories of culinary exploration and indulgence.

Unique food and drinks served throughout the midway at the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

Find Big Thrills on the Midway Rides 

The Calgary Stampede’s midway is a haven for adrenaline aficionados seeking a white-knuckled thrill. From heart-pounding rides to exhilarating attractions, there is an abundance of excitement to satisfy even the most daring individuals. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled adventure that will leave you breathless and craving more.

Amusement rides at the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

For those who prefer to showcase their skills rather than seek thrills, the midway games offer a chance to test your hand-eye coordination and compete for prizes. Put your precision and accuracy to the test as you aim for targets, toss rings, or shoot hoops. With a wide variety of games to choose from, there’s something to challenge and entertain everyone.

Amusement rides at the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

The midway is a hub of energy and excitement, where screams of delight mix with cheers of victory. It’s a place where you can unleash your adventurous spirit and immerse yourself in the pulse-pounding atmosphere. Whether you choose to embrace the thrill of the rides or put your skills to the test at the games, the midway guarantees an unforgettable experience filled with excitement and exhilaration.

Stay at the Residence Inn by Marriott Residence Inn Calgary Downtown

Positioned as a magnificent addition to Calgary’s vibrant Design District, the Marriott Residence Inn Calgary Downtown stands tall, offering breathtaking views of the bustling downtown skyline. Situated on the hallowed grounds once occupied by the Alberta Boot Company, this remarkable 33-storey hotel surpasses expectations, providing guests with an elevated experience and a wealth of amenities that foster a sense of well-being and fulfillment while traveling.

A queen size bed in a guest room at the Marriott Residence Inn Calgary Downtown.

The Marriot Residence Inn Calgary Downtown prides itself on offering upscale accommodations that go beyond the ordinary.

In June 2023, The Residence Inn unveiled a vibrant mural on its patio, an artistic tribute to Pride Month and the hotel’s Rainbow Registered status. It showcases the radiant beauty of different identities coming together, spreading a message of acceptance and unity to all who encounter it. The mural serves as a testament to the Marriott Residence Inn Calgary Downtown unwavering commitment to creating a welcoming space for all guests, regardless of their backgrounds or orientations.

Read more about the Residence Inn by Marriott Residence Inn Calgary Downtown.

Plan your trip with Tourism Calgary 

Nestled in the province of Alberta, Calgary stands as a cosmopolitan Canadian city that boasts a striking skyline adorned with numerous skyscrapers. Its rapid growth and prominence can be attributed to its position as the epicenter of Canada’s thriving oil industry. 

The Calgary Tower in downtown Calgary, Alberta.

However, beyond its economic prowess, Calgary is deeply rooted in western culture, earning it the endearing nickname “Cowtown.” This heritage is vividly showcased through the Calgary Stampede, a grandiose rodeo and festival held in July, which evolved from humble farming exhibitions into a spectacle that captures the spirit of the region.

A steak dinner with red wine at a Calgary, Alberta restaurant.

Calgary beckons visitors with an abundance of attractions, ranging from award-winning restaurants that tantalize taste buds with their culinary prowess, to picturesque parks that invite leisurely strolls amidst nature’s embrace. Quirky neighborhoods dot the cityscape, each offering a unique character and charm waiting to be discovered. 

A drag queen performing at an outdoor drag brunch in Calgary, Alberta.

A perfect starting point for exploration is the vibrant Beltline neighborhood, renowned for its expansive collection of exceptional local restaurants that cater to diverse palates. This lively district is also home to eclectic shops that cater to the discerning shopper, while stunning public art installations adorn its streets, further enhancing its allure. Moreover, nestled within the heart of the Beltline lies Twisted Element nightclub, a pulsating hub that serves as the beating heart of Calgary’s LGBTQ+ community, fostering inclusivity, celebration, and vibrant nightlife.

Downtown Calgary during the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

Immerse yourself in the captivating blend of urban sophistication and western heritage that defines Calgary. From its towering skyscrapers to its enchanting parks, and from its diverse culinary scene to its vibrant neighborhoods, the city invites exploration and promises an unforgettable experience.

A horse and buggy riding across the Pride crosswalk in downtown Calgary, Alberta, during the 2023 Calgary Stampede.

Start planning your ultimate gaycation to Calgary with Tourism Calgary.

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